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innovative product

We took the extraordinary sound quality of bamboo – which comes from its natural function as a sounding board – to develop this new and innovative product. Bamboo is a herbaceous plant of the family of grasses and grows quickly in the fertile subtropical lands of Java. As an ecological material that renews itself naturally it is one of the most abundant resources of our planet. Responsible growth and harvest control by local communities maintains sustainability and ensures an ecological clean sound. No additional parts like cables or batteries are needed to amplify the audio signal from your mobile phone. You can amplify and enjoy your music in or outdoors without worrying about additional power consumption and thus expanding the lifetime of your devices battery.

Our product is made to fit various models from all known brands like Apple or Samsung. It is designed to allow charging while your devices still rests in the BambooFon. Due to its design and material it is small in size and lightweight to make it the ideal addition to your outdoor adventures. Hit the beach without worrying to get sand inside it or simply relax in your garden while enjoying your most favourable playlist. Once you got used to it, this innovative product will be a constant fellow to your mobile experience. Get your BambooFon today!

We are very proud of our product and we guarantee all our customers a high level of production quality and fast responses to orders and acquisitions. We are a highly experienced company and specialised in handcrafted products from Indonesia, operating since over 20 years with customers from all over the world. Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can use the form below for your questions or suggestions and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are happy to help you in any form or shape.

Handcrafted Designs

Whether it is painted, carved or burned – every product is created by skilful and experienced hands and minds.

Every BambooFon is a decorative object by itself combined with mother natures own creative beauty. Every unit is original and unique – there are no two products alike. With its ethnic and minimalistic style it will perfectly fit into any environment. Bamboo is an elegant material in itself with different ranges of colours and shapes and can result in both, casual or formal imagery. Therefor we have developed various types of finishings, from natural authenticity to finely carved or burned ornaments.

The sound of each bamboo speaker depends on its dimensions. It is a fine balance between length, thickness and diameter. For this reason we cut in several sizes to achieve a maximum in sound and production quality. All amplifiers are customisable. They can be cut and painted to your demands and we guarantee excellent craftsmanship and realisation on time. From small logos to more complex designs – we are open to new challenges of all kinds.

Sophisticated Style

The BambooFon comes in many different finishings and designs. A lot of experimenting and testing went into the development of the current models until we found the right style. But we are not done yet and are constantly working on new ideas which we will update over time. Make sure to frequently pass bye to check out our newest models. As already mentioned, customised products are possible as well. Send us your ideas as simple drawings or sophisticated computer drawings. We will develop a sample based on your drawings and stay in touch with you until the product is finalised and ready for production.


Clearly the most sophisticated surface and the one that takes the most work to achieve an even and high quality appearance. We are always looking for bright and vibrant colours and are happy with our current range. Next to black and white the BambooFon comes in warm and cold tints as well. Check out the catalog for all models.


Based on traditional Indonesian techniques, these models reach from classical floral ornaments, over asian imagery to modern motives as well. Even customised ideas can be realised and we are looking forward to new challenges from minimalistic icons to more detailed and sophisticated shapes. Check out the catalog for all models.


This technique is not practiced in every workshop and it took as a while to find the right master to realise this demanding approach. The range for this finishing may not be at the numbers we are looking for at this point, but we will keep developing more designs in the near future. Check out the catalog for all models.

Smart Construction

The device holder adapts to any mobile phone size and ensures an upright straight position. The device can also be charged while in usage. The layer is kind of a perpendicular wall adjusted to the length of the bamboo cylinder. In the same time the phone is kept in a distance to the cylinders ground due to the fact that most devices have the speakers on their bottom side. With the right distance to the ground, the sound that leaves the device can spread throughout the pipe and is amplified in a warm and clear sound which is truly impressive.

The drawing on the left illustrates the simple but effective construction. See how the inner layer is held in an optimal proportion to the main diameter to keep the phone in a perfect position.